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Above: The Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch (2018)

We want to serve you! Our mission is to provide exclusive professional video-film-audio editing services and professional photography retouching/photoshop services etc. at affordable prices! "Etc?" you say? Just scroll down to see what else we provide and specialize in for your exclusive benefit. FREE 30 MINUTE INITIAL CONSULTATION! We are willing to work with large & small budget films, videos, web-series, photographers, models, small and large corporations etc. We DO NOT edit pornographic materials of any media type.

ESTIMATED FEES (Prior to initial FREE 30 Minute Consultation)

  • Run time up to  - Inquire (See below for package  details & add-ons!)
  • Run time up to 30 minutes - Inquire
  • Run time up to 45 minutes - Inquire (see below for package details & add-ons!)
  • Run time up to 60 minutes - Inquire
  • Run time 60+ minutes - Inquire
  • Audio repair on video/film - $300
  • Photography retouching - $75 for up to 5 photos, $150 for up to 10 photos (Need more photos retouched than specified here in quantity? No problem! Please do not hesitate to inquire on bundle pricing plan options***)

                                                                                             ****ESTIMATED QUOTES/FEES DISCLAIMER****:                                                                                                                                      

  • All above fees/prices are "starting at" estimated fees/prices, if specified. Fees/prices vary for each individualized video production depending on: if special effects (sfx) are desired, if stock footage is desired, if a bumper is desired with your logo, etc.  
  • We are also willing to work with your budget as well especially if you are a ULB production. (Proof of your ULB contract for the production "to-be-edited" must be provided [with Signatory #'s &  ULB SAG Production #'s blurred for your protection] prior to any services rendered excluding the FREE initial 30 minute consultation).


  • Animation/Special effects (sfx) additional fee(s) - Inquire
  • Stock footage - Approximately $99+ (depending on real time market value during the interim of during which there is an inquiry/request and depending on the interim pricing agreement for the services to be rendered: Prices may vary if written agreement occurs after 6 business days EST after FREE initial consultation's quotes).
  • Bumper with your logo - $50+ (depending on complexity)
  • Website building amount of content, whether or not content curation services are desired, domain pricing varies during the interim of services rendered due to market value and availability, if website hosting is desired so you can build your own website etc., if Google AdWords/Google AdSense/Google Analytics are desired to be coded into your page etc). Inquire for individual aforementioned services fees and BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM  PACKAGE! We let you take control and we are custom for every customer even if that is not what you're accustomed to. 5 COMPLIMENTARY INITIAL EDITS for 30 days on all website purchases! We will make your website look EXACTLY the way you've always dreamed it would be or your money back, GUARANTEED! 

The Cancombe Lady Comedy Productions is in pre-production as stated above for the short Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch (2018).

Above Photo credits- KLBPro Photography, Actors- Chaunty Spillane (as Cancombe Lady--"THE Joan Rivers of Today"), Christine Jenna Cilano, Tierre Diaz, Nate Dunn, Van Brockmann, Evelina Walter, Keith Fluker and more to come (as rumored)! We have on board the well-sought after composer/sound producer Kenneth Hampton as a part of this sketch.

Is Your video, audio, photography content ready for EDIT?

We can prospectively be your answer!  Comedy editing, dramatic editing, sfx post & all camera types supported, etc. One stipulation: we do not edit pornographic film and video.

 Contact us for more exciting details and we will be more than happy to assist you! 

Need To See a Portfolio? We would hope so!

We have a portion of our portfolio available digitally for you via YouTube right here! 

We are genuinely looking forward to doing business with you.

Also, more information and logistics can be discussed during Initial FREE Consultation.

official pre-production teaser

Check out this intentionally, poor-quality  shot video sample of content from the Cancombe Lady Production Co.! This production is entitled Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch.

about our improv comedy sketch

The Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch (2018)

This comedy sketch is not to be overlooked: It takes absurdity to a  whole new level. You, yes you, will be meeting the Czechoslovakian version of "THE Joan Rivers of Today" If you don't believe us, then keep reading...

The Preservation of Comedy Sketches/Variety Shows

Do you miss Variety Shows/Comedy Sketches? Do you ever wish that were more out there to view other than the respectively dominant "Saturday Night Live"?

Well, if you have not wished then begin wondering about the possibilities of wishing now. Trust us, this is presented in the same venacular that other very successful comedy sketch & variety shows did. The possibilities of comedies that are not just stand-up and are definitely not edited as quickly as the comedy shows/cartoons we have available to view today.  C'mon, you know you all deserve a comedy that is easier to follow and more "family friendly" to bring the family back together! Or even bring friends/colleagues back together in person to watch together a possibly ongoing series every night that a new episode airs. You could all laugh-out-loud together and give your cell phones a break. Wouldn't that be great? Or--maybe go LIVE on social media while watching us in autumn of 2018!

What You Deserve: The Cancombe Lady Comedy Sketch (2018)

 We know you are hard-working and in need of more than a few good laughs in your life.  The Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch exists just to remedy that.  Also, not to mention, this production will provide you with another form of comedy that is not cut so fast hence easier to follow.

Prepare yourself to be offended in the best , most enjoyable way possible and for everything you've ever dreamed your ideal comedy sketch to be like. Cancombe Lady Comedy Sketch will provide just that.  Be sure to check out all of the notably talented cast & crew members on the Official IMDb page here (Internet Movie Data Base).

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